Nerd Gym - Exercise of the impossibles

This 42 pages Flash-made book teaches you how to exercise in the way to maintain your geekdom and succumb to your body building needs. I'm not sure whether this kind of workout works but this book is definitely absurd.

This book comprises six chapters that enables you to build mucles whilst maintaning your trendy monitor worshipping style. Totally a boost for those people who confronts 247 in front of the monitor screen.

This Nerd Gym exercise guide book is only viewable for those geek who are over 18 years old cause it contains some explicit content. Best viewed using Flash 6 or greater. Whoever person who has practise all of the steps given in this book, he/she is elligible to take part in the most idiotic geek category in the Guiness World Book Record.

Click the picture above or here to read it.

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