Make you study notes, emails & html pages speak!

Bored with your study notes while you're doing your daily revision?

Fed up of reading articles from the website?


Lazy to read emails from your inbox in the morning?

How do you possible get rid of the boredom from reading? I'd just found out one software which can make your study notes, html pages, emails, & text documents speak by using Speaking Notepad 3.5. You can type in or copy-and-paste your notes in this software and then it will convert into audio wav files. Cool rite?! For those who finds reading a strenuous task for them, this is might be a perfect study notes-enhancing tool for you! You'll find reading a pleasurable task. That's how you study with style;)

I've downloaded and tried it. You can even change the pitch of the narrator's sound. Good to play at it. But I couldn't convert it into mp3 in this demo version. If you're to tired reading this post, you would rather listen to this than reading it which I'd converted those text messages into mp3. It might sounded a bit robotic with funny intonation:D Click the player below to listen to this blog post.

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Note: Once you're listening to the track, there's a advertisement appears in the first few seconds of the track.

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