Sudoku for Sudoku Fans

People often play sudoku with their pens and papers. You can play it online too.

Found out this site that offers free sudoku game play. I won't spend a cent on sudoku puzzles.

It's worth trying since it offers much convenience and free sudoku puzzles. Of course, solution is provided when you feel giving up solving these sudoku puzzles.

Play free sudoku online via

How To Draw Your Own Picassohead

It will takes more than three decades (or my entire life!) to draw like Picasso.
With this Mr.Picassohead site, I'm able to create one masterpiece within seconds. You can also browse through other people's creation of Picassohead.

What did I draw? Look here - Mine is no. 638829.

There are thousands of artworks submitted and you can start creating yours now by clicking the link below!


The Ugly Duckling's Own DNA Paternity Testing Story

This clip is taken from a cool geeky Squidoo DNA testing site which is much different than other typical biological science websites.

This is a modern adaptation of one fairy tale story based on one DNA testing customer.

[Video link]

Via DNA Testing From Squidoo

Wii and Wiimote 3D Image

This modified Wii able to allow us to explore the virtual environment on TV as if we're looking into a real illusion of space and etc...

via Aww Snapped!