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For those who couldn't get enough of latest news in technology, gadgets, gaming - there's one TV show that brings you all of these updates -'Attack of the Show' which is hosted by Kevin Pereira & Olivia Munn. But viewers in Malaysia could only watch the back-dated show which viewers can able to see former host Sarah Moran - who has left AOTS for other opportunities.

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Let's get back to the story, shall we?

This show is divided into several interesting segments including AOTS Hardware - reviews and showcases the latest gadgets and gear; The Feed - Pop culture and technology news delivered in blurbs, usually presented ; Game Lab Reviews - The G4 game labs review new games; also MySpace Girl of the Week (for guys, you don't wanna miss this) - An on-going beauty contest in which viewers vote online for their favorite of three girls from MySpace and etc.

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Footnote: For Malaysian viewers, AOTS is shown everday at ASTRO's TVIQ (Mon-Tues: 6am,6pm, 10pm; Sat: 4am,10am, 11pm & Sun: 4am, 12pm, 6pm).

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