About Traffic Jam - how to cope with it?

I prefer to stay at home during weekends because of the massive traffic jam along the way to mall, or to my favourite hangouts. Heavy road congestions cause mood swings and it will spoils your weekend plans. So what's the fuss about traffic jam? If you're unlucky enough, those road hoggers and road bullies mess around with you on the road with no particular reasons.

Rude drivers. Darn. Shame on him. That adds the choke to favourite meal. You need more music to distract you from being mad while you're driving. Yeah, music calm your agitated mind.

Case no. 2 : If you're really stuck in the jam as the picture below, I suggest you've to pray hard. You're on your knees now to pray for S.O.S. Hope that you'll get out from this terrible maze on the road.

What have had you wished for when you're stuck in a traffic jam? What I've wished for is a gorgeous and breath-taking woman who's lying on the road waiting for someone to pick her up; and a cup of nice plain coffee. Certainly, I'm willing to pick her out to somewhere safe from this maze box.

Gorgeous right?! But she's too big for me. Couldn't fit her into my mini-size car;)

'Coffee Geek' - A plain coffee to soothe your hectic life! Available in local stores now

What does traffic jam means to a 5-year-old kid?? Maybe this kid would think as shown in the picture below:

Don't blame the kid. That's sheer creativity thoughts from that kid. Not bad!

While I'm writing this post, I found this funny comic strip about traffic jam:

Yeah. Why me?? That depicts the real emotion that we had when we stucked in this 'Bermuda Triangle'. I always day-dreaming when I'm driving real slow on the road. Hope that I could include this 'thing' in my wishlist. What is that 'thing'??

A 'Jet-car'! Fly like an eagle, baby!

How do you get out from traffic jam? Play this game - Traffic Jam by clicking at the picture below. You can make a difference by dragging the read car to the exit!

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Anonymous said...

this post is so funny and 抵死 (dai sei)!!nothing but the true...

be reality, a nice music helps to smooth my mood in the traffic jam.