The King who 'created' rain (and all about rainmaker)

In 2003, the Thai King - King Bhumibol Adulyadej was awarded a patent for his development of artificial rain-making technique also known as the 'super sandwitch technique' which involves using aircraft to "seed" warm and cold clouds at different altitudes to make rain.

Source: BBC News

Rain-making could be done in several ways including the traditional rain dancing where you can see a group of tribesmen and women dance around and shake the rainmaker instrument that they hold. What's rainmaker?

This is actually a percussion - musical instrument.

In this modern era, rainmaker could be meant like this:

A baby toy. Once the baby tilts this rainmaker toy, the beads move around that created the resemblance sound of the rain. Want to have this toy for your kids, search it in eBay ;)

In addition, what I've found Rainmaker through the internet is this:

A creative and interactive flash animation site - from flash music video & short animation clips. My favourite is the music video which is performed by the Flash band - a virtual band. For those flash developers, get your inspiration here.

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