A former hit song that was originally hummed by a ghost

Tori Amos - a well known American based singer & songwriter had 'Hey Jupiter' a hit singles in the top 20 Official UK singles chart in 1996. Well, it's common to have talented singer-songwriters that have their singles in the charts but when Tori said this in VH1 storytellers really freak me out.

"well, i was really in a bind because, um, i was doing some bad things. i was in a love triangle with these, uhh.., i don't know if they were real men now...i'm not...i'm confused about the whole thing! let's see, i was lying in bed...um, strange things happened to you on tour. like strange englishman start sitting at the end of your bed, apparitions of dead guys . and they start singing songs to you. and this guy was definitely dead, and he was definitely singing to me. um, so i'm confused about the copyright laws. i'm not sure if i need to call his ex-wife and give him part of the song or not. but, why should i do that! she's rich...she's not nice. and so, anyway, i kept the copyright, the guys forgot who i was, and the song's mine."

The deceased guys that inspired a songwritter?? Or did she smoke crack when she said this?? It really had me thinking bout these paranormal sightings for a short moment. Whether it's true or it's just a metaphoric talk, I do really like the track 'Hey Jupiter'. Watch the music video below.

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