Chrono Lisa Java Clock - Putting it to your site

Chrono Lisa clock is a futuristic clock model that makes a suitable gift for sci-fi fans, geeks and nerds. During the process of blogging the article - Clocks, you can have this Chrono Lisa clock in java version and add it to your site. I've tried adding it to my googlepages site.

Click to view the results ;)

All you have to do is this:

Log on to this website - Krotek Electronics

Download the ChronoLisa class file (from the website)

Then, copy the sample HTML codes that is shown in the website.

Start to edit your website. Then place the sample HTML codes that you want the clock to appear.

Upload the ChronoLisa class file to the web server. It should either all be in the same directory or the HTML source code should point to the directory where the class and/or zip files are, i.e. "CODEBASE=DirectoryNameWhereClassFilesReside".

Finally, publish your site to view the Chrono Lisa Java clock.

More info

Guess what time is it now? :p

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