Nacho Libre & Napoleon Dynamite

I'm a fan of Jack Black's movie since the movie 'School of Rock' (though he had been involved in lots of movies including Demolition Man, The Cable Guy, etc). He's a talented actor and a musician. Though his acting forte is normally in sitcom movies, I prefer watchin' him than other comedians - Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson and Chris Rock because he has a non-iconic personality with style. Yeah, he's got style ;)

How could I miss this beautiful nun - Sister Encarnacion:

His new debut movie - Nacho Libre is now showing in movie theaters. Watch the movie trailer:

Nacho Libre - Trailer

Official site of Nacho Libre

Guess what. The director of this movie - Jared Hess, is also the director of the comedy film 'Napoleon Dynamite'. It's a story about a funny geek named Napoleon Dynamite & his best friend Pedro put their skill and knowledge of platas, cows & drawing to good use, but it is a suprise talent that leads the two to triumph in the end. Might be a 'warm up' movie watchin' before Nacho;)

Some funny scenes from 'NapoleonDynamite':

Funny Wedding scene

Prom dance scene

Official site of Napoleon Dynamite


The UltraBeast said...

Jack Black hhmm...

Then you'd like the clip
"Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story"...

Watched it before?

A must-watch...

Offline Geek said...

Really? thanks man.