Clocks - We're still using it, aren't we?

Some say conventional types of clocks have lost their mojo after the invention of digital mobile phones. Personally, my house has more than 10 clocks - analog & digital ones. I still used it to refer time in daily task. Certainly, I'm still using mobile phones as my alarm clock and reminder. In fact, you still need analog ones instead digital clocks. As a remembrance of the invention of clocks, I'll show you some of the selected interesting clocks in the world.

The 'Time Machine' clock.
Just turn it on and its precise mechanism transfers a chrome ball every sixty seconds for perfect time - taken from That makes this analog clock as a central attention of your room. This is how you appreciate the art of time with patience ;)

From Explorastore, you'll be able to find a clock that doesn't require batteries. You don't have to worry to change the overdue batteries cause it's a fruit powered clock. Just spare few apples and oranges to generate natural electrical power resource to the clock. Eat more fruits my friend, i mean the clock.

Next one, Krotek Electronics has a unique clock that truly original and futuristic look.

It was actually hard to know what time was it when I looked at this 'Chrono Lisa' clock. Guess what's the time shown in this picture above?

Answer: 6 hrs: 41 mins: 26 secs. Easy right?! Still couldn't get the answer?! Try again!!! ;)

If you're really curious about the timezone of every country of the world, here we've this - 'Original Kilburg Laminate - Geochron World Clock'.

Suitable for everyone across the universe. The time is yours.

Another innovative clock is this - more than 7-to 35 feet of height and it costs around $85K to $495K depends on the size, complexity and custom requirements. It's the Liquid-Time Sculptures from International Robotics Incorporated (IRI).

That shows the how 'Geekful' it looks! Wonderful but it's too complicated for me.

Sometimes people wouldn't get enough of it. See what they have here in Indianapolis:

The giant 'Water Clock'

While i was doin' little research on clocks, I found this non-english blog that made hard to interpret the content of the picture below - the 'Human Clock'. This model is indeed a more humanistic looking clock.

I wanna see how long they can stand. Oops, the woman accidentally touches the man's 'jewels'. "Sorry!" she apologised. That's an well-defined human art. Good job!

Guess what's this picture below? A giant-rounded 'Trojan Horse'?? Think again.

Oh no. It's the giant sand timer you idiot! haha. No offense. I wondered where did Mr. Gergely get this picture.

Overall, the more I see these magnificient clocks from around the world, the more I like this:

My very own 'Offline Geek' wall clock ;)

Punctuality maketh a man ;) Stay punctual my friend!

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