Bloggers news: Start to add podcasts to your blog

By adding podcast to your blog, you can allow your readers to listen to music, news, information once they click on the audioplayer. There are many podcasts hostings availble via internet but I've finally chosen Odeo - that provides free podcast service.

Why do I use Odeo? Good question.

OK. Listen.

If you choose to use Odeo, you're able to create your own podcast by uploading your favourite mp3 tracks to Odeo and you'll be able to put your audioplayer to your site - just copy the HTML codes provided and paste it to your blog post or template. It's just that simple. Try Odeo to enhance your site.

You can have other choices of players that you might find it suitable to the background of your site. You can try to listen to the track that i'd just uploaded. Be a podcaster and enjoy!

powered by ODEO

Click here or the picture above to access to Odeo's main site.


walski69 said...

Hey J.J. - cool, catchy tune. Who's it by? Sounds familiar, but couldn't quite put my finger on it...

BTW - thanks 4 coming by my blog earlier...

J.J. said...

You're welcome. It's by Radio Gang - a virtual band who's found by me.Thanks.