Personality test based on Roti canai!!!

Which category do you belong to? A 'Roti canai' guy or a 'Chapatti' girl? You can quickly reveal one's identity and attitude that are concealed upon a person, even though he or she is pretending to be someone else. How could you tell someone's persona by judging them on their ordered food from mamak stalls?

Here's a how you judge them. No offense!:

(Attention: it's not fair judging them with having only few mamak session. The accuracy of this guidelines of one category is met when the person have had ordered the same 'Roti' for more than a month).

If the person orders (make sure he/she eats it):

1. Roti canai:
- He or she might be a conventional type of person;
- Regular kind of personality; not a serious 'risk-taker'.
- If the person eats it without using any utensils, he or she might be not willing to participate in any friends' conversation;
- A 'talk-less' person. Only view his/her views when needed.
- Reason(s): Whenever an indecisive person orders a food in a mamak stall, the most common bread ordered would be 'Roti canai'.

2. Tosai:
- A believer; a futurist,
- Has his/her own views, outspoken
- A comments-giver during mamak sessions among friends.
- Fewer people will fall into this category.
- A 'Don't-give-a-damn' person.
- A straightforward speaker
- Reason(s): 'Tosai' in Hokkien dialect means 'to pour faeces'. He/she might pour faeces on your face on what you'd done earlier; often interjects in your conversation with your friend. Sometimes you need this kind of person to stimulate you in order to get into your nerves. Inviting them to often in your outings/discussions will lowers your own self-esteem.

3. Chapatti:
- Naturalist, peace lover; health conscious freak;
- Not a troublemaker;
- Conservative; self-centered, money-saver.
- Similar as 'Roti canai' - totally not a 'risk-taker'.
- Reason(s): Chapatti is cheapest among all bread in mamak stalls. It's less oily
and salty and it's best to eat with 'dhall' curry - cooked with 'high protein'
lentils/peas. Got a friend, who's a 'conservationist' (i.e. only believes on what
his predecessors had said or done), and prefers chapatti in his diet.

4. Roti Tisu/or any mischievous breads (weird bread names such as 'roti ice cream', 'Roti John' & etc) :
- A trend follower or 'worshiper'.
- Fame chasers, likes all sorts of panache;
- Prefers instant pleasures (i.e. he/she might not stay focus on one agenda, hobbies, life etc; a.k.a. 'New broom sweeps well' (hangat-hangat tahi ayam) person)
- An event spoiler; an ignorant;
- Reason(s): This type of roti is the most unique and outstanding among all of the roti(s) mentioned in mamak stalls. Those who eat it with utensils - he/she might be a 'spoiler', 'troublemaker' because he/she will ruin the whole roti into scattered pieces!

5. Roti planta:
- A 'risk-taker';
- A 'non-believer' or a skeptical person.
- Reason(s): It's quite fattening to eat during mamak sessions (esp. during night time) and contributes high calories and bad cholesterols to our body. This category fits in 'non-health conscious' group of people, who actually puts his/her health at stake. It's hard to convince them that 'planta' is actually saturated fat. They just don't bother.

Try out these on your friends nw!:p


earl-ku said...

ha i put that onto mind everytime we go out to the mamaks next time ... but how about those mee goreng, nasi goreng, naan? hehe

i order tosai by the way, sometimes planta, but the roti tisu in steven corner is actually tosai garing with sugar and planta ... how ar?


J.J. said...

well, tosai garing with sugar and planta is actually categorised under 'Roti Tisu' not tosai anymore. I advice u to take tosai. do you wanna fall into 'roti tisu' category?:p still doubt it:)

kk said...

I'm telling you mate, your blog loading speed is really really really really really really really really slow...