Google Earth - Wow! i can view KLCC from the top!!!

We're enable to wander around the world via Google Earth. For location search, this particular software able to direct us to any locations, and almost anywhere on earth! I've downloaded Google Earth beta 4 version and i'm able to locate my residential area and my house too!!!

I've taken pics that view KLCC from the top. There are some interesting features in this software i.e. measuring the distance from Betty and your place; acquire the exact location of your selected landmarks; and zooming your favourite hotspots.

I've added a new placemark here!

Look, Ma! I'm soaring high as a bird!

I guess Google is lookin' forward to having advertising project on Google Earth.
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earl-ku said...

hmm this is something phenomenon bout a year back ... you mean you only started using it now ... sad ...

J.J. said...

Well, it's not to late to knw. hwr, this is beta 4 version.

xazuru said...

Better late than never..

thinking about it again.. we dont have any place to hide anymore.

Anonymous said...

yea.. ancient news