The faint-o-Miss Universe 2006: Miss Puerto Rico

I read The Star's headlines - Newly crowned Miss Universe 2006 from Puerto Rico collapsed an hour after the beauty pageant show. Well, as we know that it's not that easy to become 'cream de-la cream' beauty among other finalists from countries around the world.

This reminds this: 'Battle till the last drop of your blood' really billows smoke around my head. Admired her strenghth that keep her standing tall on stage before the show ended.

I can honestly tell you that i'm not a fan of any Miss Universe or beauty pageant events. I didn't watch the delayed telecast show on tv as well. I don't really bother who's gonna win the title. Though i'm a guy (and of course, i'm straight); will not spending time watching the beauty pageant show. Over the years, though there were tremendous change in the Miss Universe event, the event is practically comprises these few segments - national custom presentation, swimsuit (ooh la la...), and last but not least the evening gown presentation. Basically, everything will be the same except the contestants - some getting more prettier, some not (depends on judges taste:p).

I'm an ordinary guy who admires beauty esp. Asian beauties- luckily Miss Japan did make it through to the top 3. Former local beauties - Michelle Yeoh, Lina & Arianna Teoh, were a Miss Universe:Malaysia. For more pictures of Miss Unverse, visit these links below:

My personal favourite is the evening gown worn by Miss Puerto Rico

1. Evening gown

2. Swim suit

3. National Costume

4. Pic of our very own Miss Malaysia 2006

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Neo said...

In my opinion, Miss Japan and Miss Malaysia are both prettier than Miss Puerto Rico. Of course this is only in the looks department :)