Black cat gives me an eery feeling (Don't read it at night)

You might find this absured. Maybe one of you might think i'm crazy. I just have an eery feeling when a black cat is coming towards me or passing by when i'm walkin' along the streets, or eating at a chinese restaurant. Somethin' has gotten into me that is making feel rejectable to black cats. Strange feeling. I might link that to supertition. Just like hodoo - a practice of witchcraft and casting spells; i will associate black cats with evil spitits. Huh?! Strange rite?

When i was a kiddo, some of my friends referred those black cats were mean and evil. I'll share what had they said bout it. These were the ridiculous thoughts they'd made:

1. Don't keep black cats as pets, otherwise they'll be bred and turned into a
panther! You'll become someone's dinner at 8pm.
2. Don't stare at the eyes of the black cat when it stares at you! The evil spirits
will come to haunt you. If you had accidentally stared at it, just say "sorry!".
Just only one word will save you from living hell.
3. Always be alert when you see a black cat. Something bad will happen soon.

In fact, i didn't really take those comments as an advice or a prevention. That was just pointless facts. But, hey, not bad for those 8 years old kiddos created a story like that. Black cat brings deja vu to me. Once I saw black cat crossing the road, i'll say "black cat is always my friend" to myself. I know it sounds silly but i couldn't keep sayin' that to myself. It has become an obsessive behaviour ever since.

There were once a chinese Hong Kong B-grade movie flick entitled - 'Black cat'. That were just horrifyin for a kiddo like me that caused few insominiac nights in me. It had created a very strong content that relates black cat to immortality and ghosts. These concepts were indeed reinforcing supertitous thoughts that i have in cats.

Starting to have goosebumps now.

"Black cat is always my friend, black cat is always ... "

It keeps lingering in my head even though i have stop writing :z

Footnote: Read a preposterious and weird website bout black cat spells & spiritual supplies, which i've found out that black cats can be used as love potions, or even luck-enhancer! By the way, i'd be lucky when a black cat has few white spots on its fur - at least it shows the flaw of the black feline (if you don't understand this, forget what i've been saying earlier).


earl-ku said...

err, i don get the eery feeling, but whenever a black cat comes into my path or the very glimpse of it, makes me feel that its a bad omen ... hence i spit whenever i see one ...

but thats the perception with black dogs ... black dogs are considered to repel evil ... bad things are afraid of black dogs ...

have you heard of this things chinese call them as "hak kau mai" - literally as black dog rice, its rice grains soaked in black dog's blood, which is very powerful in repeling anything, some said even the Gods are afraid to come near you ...

haha :)

wong said...

Tell me something about Black Dog then... Come on man... All those are still myth... :P I have a black cat at home myself, stare it like shit everyday... lol~!

J.J. said...

I only know "Hak Kau Beh" - Guiness Stout. Why Black dogs are divine than black cats?is this we called discrimination?!