Request songs and let Offline Geek sings for you!

Attention to all bloggers from around the world!

It's up to you to judge whether Offline Geek can sing like an angel or William Hung - the American's Idol Rejects!

Song request is easy,

  • Just simply compose a short poem with the length of 30-40 words & we will arrange and compose the rhythm for Offline Geek to sing.
  • No obscene or explicit contents are allowed. Offline Geek is no internet abuser and he's a decent & ethical person.
  • The track are produced & arranged as an accapella track.
  • Credits of composer(s) will be displayed on this site (offlinegeek) in respect of the talents behind the work of this track.
  • We'll take some time to finish the recording of the track (3-4 days) depends on the volume of submissions.
  • Offline Geek is multilingual - English & Chinese, test him!

Previous works:

So, what are you waiting for?? Start writing poems now:p


J.J. Yong

Producer, composer, arranger of JJMusicparadise.

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