Love Conquers All - Failed to Conquer!

In the night of New Year's Eve, I watched this movie - Love Conquers All, a low-budget Malaysian movie which has received accolates from 11th Pusan International Film Festival, 2006. Since it's a short and experimental movie, overall audiences (in fact, it was about less than 20 audiences were watchin' the show) were laughin' throughout the whole show.

The genre of the movie - whether it's a sitcom or drama - it's still a question.

Probably the movie is too Malaysian - I could say that most of us were guessing the location of scenes shot which looked very familiar and reminded us about Deja-vu:p
Most of the audiences found Hokkien rather amusing. Hard to define this:-P

Audiences were laughin' over and over again. Some of them could even guessed what would happen next as if they were the scriptwriters.

Disturbing scenes such as the 'shaking' scenes were not disturbing as commented by some audiences according to my point of view. In fact, the most disturbing scenes were mainly the solo scenes of the main actress - especially when she's in the mood of love, thinking, sleeping etc.

Hard to find movie enthuasists in that moment. Even my girlfriend couldn't stand laughin' cause the hillarious script.


If this movie categorized under "Sitcom" genre, this movie might be selling like hot cakes!
Movie Rating: 1.5/5.0. I didn't know when the movie was ended.

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