Umbrella - Rain-dodger, Technology, Weapon, Fashion

It rained heavily just at the early evening & eveyone was either lookin' for a shelter or umbrella to dogde heavy raindrops falling on their head. Umbrella is only used as temporary shelter during rainy or sunny days? Think again.

A self over-protective umbrella -

Next, you'll have the Forecast Predicting Umbrella.

"This umbrella not only glows in the dark but it predicts the weather. Now all they need is just make a talking one."- via The Gadget Blog.

Nevertheless, an umbrella could be used as a killer weapon.

"...umbrella contained a poison dart fired at Kennedy to immobilize President Kennedy's muscles (his movements are seen to freeze and cease within two seconds of Z-225)." - Wikipedia about the 'Umbrella Man' who involved in JFK assasination.

The 'Umbrella Gun' that killed JFK?? -

Other than that, here's the umbrella as a most brutal weapon that caused almost cost the life of a woman - who had suffered permanent nerve damage to her neck.

"The "profession style" umbrella turned into a "flying torpedo in the air, like a missile" during strong winds - one lifeguard said it was about 20 feet in the air before hitting Caliano-Bahaj." - Gothamist.

"The 'pro-lookin' umbrella turned into 'torpedo' weapon" which is brought to court.

In 'The Weekly Gripe' mentioned that some people often attacked by umbrella waving lunatics. They've been regularly poked in the leg or in the eye by the deadly weapon - the umbrella that had made their trip to work as a jaunt in a minefield during rainy days.

The weapon.

The Stealth Model

This reminds me of umbrellas used as weapons in movies. For instance, the movie - 'Batman Returns', Batman's enemy - the Penguin always brings his high tech umbrellas along that serve some specialized function - Wikipedia on Penguin (Comics).

The Penguin.

Another movie - 'The Avengers' about the adventures of two British secret agents use umbrellas to battle supervillians. Umbrellas show elegance & power when it used by these two elegant & stylish secret agents - agent John Steed & agent Emma Peel.

The Umbrella-fighting scene in 'The Avengers'.

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