Nose Picking

It's a bad manner to pick up your nose in public. We, sometimes couldn't stand the irritation in our nose, and pick those goos with our nose-picking finger. It's human nature. You just couldn't stop from doing it as we called that as 'habit' - Bad Habits die hard'. It's an addiction if this habit has become severe that you couldn't stop picking your nose - We called that 'Obsessive Compulsive Nose-Picking Disorders'.

In fact it's worth studyin' about this peculiar habit:

"Believe it or not, there was a study on nose-picking published in February of 1995 in the Journal of Psychiatry. Yes, you read it right - college professors being paid the big bucks to find out who picks their nose." - Useless Information

In contrast, nose picking is classify as an art rather than a disrespect act.

Nut, the sky goddess of the ancient Egypt, delicately picking the nose of a young pharoah.

Nose picking in World War II Poster.

More: Jubal.

Can get enough of nose picking? Here's the compilation of nose-pickers in a short video clip - a production of Offline Geek Studios ;)

Nose-pickers - What are you diggin'?

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