Robots - They're just being human

Robots are humans best assistance, companion and worker. Generally, robots are made by humans. Robots is a unique mechannical life form and everyone of them has a name.

Let me introduce you - the 'Satan-robot'.

The most mean-lookin' classic robot that everyone is afraid of.

And the cutest robot I'd ever seen - the R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) robot in Star Wars

You can make a dreidel that resembles R2D2 and it's called - Droidel.

After the millenium, robots are invented in becoming more approachable to humans. Like this, the pretty female robot:

Look at the gestures and the way she speaks. You might want to have these robots in the customer service centre which these female robots are stress-tolerant;)

A touchin' Japanese epic love story - Hinokio was release in 2005.

It depicts interpersonal relationship between human and robot do exists. Tear jerker movie, I guess ;) Click on the picture above to enter Hinokio's official website.

Robots can help you prepare origami foldings. Watch this:

Click on the picture above to watch video clip (Quicktime format)
Source: Dartmouth Robotics Lab

Below here is a robot named 'Sandwich' which is an easy-built robot that follow lines.

This robot is used for teaching those robot building enthusiasts who has no background in electronics.

Click on the picture to watch video

Source: Robot Room - Robot Building for Beginners

Robots are our 'virtual' friends not enemies ;)

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