Human Extinction - what would happen after it?

Is there any mankind after human extinction? What living organisms or lifeform that dominates the human population? It's too early to tell that homo sapiens can resides on earth forever.

However, some philosophers and scientists do not actually agree that human population will increase after time. Some organisations link armageddon - end of the world; and major catastrophe to human extinction.

We heard about animal extinction such as the 'Dodo bird' but serious speaking, have you ever heard of human population. What happens if there were truly human extinction ever happened?

Well, if it had really happened, it might be like this:

Humans -Us, would be history. Left only our 'fossils' as artifacts.

Historical landmarks of a man. We see this often in beach. Who knows after a million years later, this footprints would be classified as important ancient artifacts.

This would be the last woman on earth. Women are always interesting creatures in the universe. You don't want them to become extinct one day;)

Our DNA that contains genetic materials or genes would be kept in DNA bank. Picture shown above is the X & Y chromosomes - from a male DNA. Guys, you would be the unique spesies that ever lived on earth! The Y-chromosome inherits the guy's individual natural temperaments - binge, watchin' football game, wooing girls, being casanova, poser, chauvanistic, gentlemen, owning adult toys & etc.

Read interesting article from The Tech - about man extinction.

Yeah, one question. Who in the universe would be dominating mankind on earth?
Take a wild guess.

The Martians!!! They come here with a purpose. They came here for the toilet;D Must have taken a long way to earth, right? :D They're comin' to rule the earth!!! ;P

Look at the funny comic strip below by Kevin Forbes. You don't want this to happen.

This would be your worst nightmare rats rule the entire earth. Wake up everyone!!!
Say no to world pollution!!!

REMEMBER this motto. Make Love & Not War!!! Peace!!! Save our world from great disasters.

No wonder all dogs go to heaven! ;) - taken from UGOTO.

Footnote: This post is tribute to the late John Lennon - who had been advocated peace in this world.


Andreas said...

Interesting thoughts. But hey - there is and has been human extinction. One, very, very early on before the dominance of Homo Sapiens, and nowadays, certain "tribes" extinguish as well.

Offline Geek said...

Yeah, you're right. There are a few of 'tribes' that almost extinguish. It's nothin new. thanks Andreas.