Naughty things that I did to Google search browser

I got out of control nowadays when it comes to searching infos via internet. Everytime you type words to the search browser, the next thing you get is a lists of redundant search results. You need a funnel to filter all unrelevant data obtained from the search results.

But one thing good about Google search browser is this - The magical "I'm Feeling Lucky" button so I can play naughty with this irresistable button:P

The first thing I did was this:

I typed the word "D-Heads" in Google Search Browser and pressed "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

You're right I was that lucky that I found this:

This is real naugty site. Not for kiddos.

I was thinkin' about somethin' real hot and intriguing and then I typed this:

I was expecting something explicit. A real hot and breath-taking girls.

But what get was this:

A real baby. Contents are about baby rashes. Baby health info. Very decent parenting site.

I didn't give up that easily. Then I tried this:

I was directed to this site:

A dart game. Click the pic above to play. It implies something that I should get focused on.

"Oh My God!!!" my mind shouted. Then I tried to google it and pressed the magical button again.
Then, I got this:

It's a rock band and it's named - "Oh My God". Click on the picture above for more details.
Thought that I could make a confession that I had done nasty things to search browser.

Let's move on to the next step:

What's the next line? It's Superman. But, this page appeared after clickin the magical button:

ESPN-basketballers? It seems that they do 'fly' while doin' their 'slam dunk' stunt! This might be Clark's favourite sports channel.

I'm still in the mood doing naughty things to the search browser. What's next?

More babes, I mean real babes! But I got this:

A fashion site. Probaby chics like this.

I felt that this search browser was actually playin' with me. Then, I asked him politely that I don't wanna play naughty again. I wanted to stop playin'.

Then, he replied:

The '' site - a site of offbeat news. I assumed that he wanted to keep me playin' with him.

But I insisted to leave anyway.

How did he know I'm a blogger? Deja-vu.

Strange but true ;) Or it was just coincidence??

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