Ergonomic Mouse - Your friendliest 'pet' on earth

Each day, I've spent few hours for blogging and I strongly feel that my right hand is extremely exhausted after couple hours later. It's because of the conventional optical mouse of mine is not-so-ergonomical well designed. I click the mouse more than I type by using the keyboard. For serious bloggers, consider getting yourself a ergonomic mouse. You have to be a bit lavished when it comes to purchasing these items.

If you're lazy to use your hands to surf the internet, instead try using both of your legs (Gee, thanks to

If your company allows their staffs to use this, remember to own yourself a fragrance cause you won't able to stand the smelly aroma from their feets ;)

The Perific Ergonomic Mouse - wireless cutting edge technology that combines two mice into one. The features that would attract you is that the mouse can be used in this few ways:
- Held in both hands, resting in your lap, leaning back in your chair; and
Can be adjusted to fit user's hand

It looks like a Laser-blaster to me;) Still don't get how does mouse really work? Click on the 'Perific mouse' picture above to find out more (in Flash presentation).

For Gamers, you probably need this 'Giant-UFO-cake' look mouse:

Click the picture above for more info - taken from TG Daily.

For those bachelors, this might be the one for you. Probably this is a gift for this upcomin' Christmas celebration ;D

Ooh...La..Laa...!!! It's the 'SexyMouse'. It's written in the picture above - Your "click" will never be the same! Irresistable clicking on the mouse! You just can't stop clicking ;P

Other types of ergonomic mouse:

The 'Expert' mouse

and last but not least,

The 'Star Wars look- a-like' mouse ;)

For those people like me who doesn't have much money to invest on those things mentioned above, there are several tips on healthy computing from Safe

Learn bout Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and office ergonomics.

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