How-to-Become-a-Millionaire Tip

How many zeroes in 'one million'?


One Million = 1,000,000

Therefore, it has 6 zeroes.

How do we get $1,000,000?

Sounds hard but this guy has a interesting idea of getting one buck from different people in various places. It's called Million Dollar Documentary.

A million people? One buck per person? ( S1.00 x 1,000,000 of people). Keep track on his journey to see whether he could be able to make it in reality.

Link - Million Dollar Documentary


hcfoo said...

Errr, I don't really like this idea. Unless he comes up with a more creative way to get the money.

Offline Geek said...

well, every people have its own ways to accomplish their mission. It's their choice.