Internet Nearly End The Life of a Video Star

In this Web 2.0 technology, if we are considered as IT-savvy, we might be able to get to expose to lots of ‘junkies’ or ‘goodies’ via net. It has been a phenomenal change of music revolution where we can listen to music based on our preferences – regardless mainstream of non-mainstream music. Thanks to YouTube/MySpace – they nearly or about to kill your favourite video star! (Does Podcasting killed the video star as well? Ooh my goodness!)

Some of you might have heard the song - Radio Ga Ga, which is a song performed by the band Queen. I was really young back then and this song was a major hit or “anthem” in the ‘80s which implies the unpopularity of commercial radio broadcasting which was overtaken by huge popularity of television broadcasting. Well, the song – Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles was released few years earlier which conveyed the same message – “The Radio is dead!” Like I said, I was so young back then and I didn’t really understand what it actually meant.

Back to Web 2.0 technology, YouTube and MySpace have nearly killed the video star. In fact everyone can be a ‘star’ by uploading their own video clips or mp3s to the site. They – YouTube and MySpace have a ‘license to kill’ the video star as popularity of songs is based on personal preferences/choices – not necessaries based on Billboard charts or Top of the Pops charts. In fact, it is us who have killed the video star. Sound cruel, but that was how radio stars were killed. Don’t mention Podcasting, you know; P

What's next?

Flash animation - Internet Killed A Video Star


Adam said...

Actually they are creating a lot of stars everywhere.

Offline Geek said...

Sorry, is that a statement?