DeFIBulator Lie Detector vs. Human Lie Detector

Found out this odd gadget - the DeFIBulator Lie Detector, to identify a person whether he or she is lying. I'd rather trust my instinct rather than spending $39.99 on this lie detector.

Instead of purchasing this odd gadget - Why not paying yourself as a lie detector?

That's probably a indefine skill to learn that probably attracts a lot of people to pay you to detect lies from a person that you don't know.

DeFIBulator Lie Detector


The "Human Lie Detector"

I suggest that you could charge them as low as $10 per session, then convince them that you could differentiate between truths & lies. Learn from some of the speeches of politicians by focusing on their expressions and visages. The more you'd practice, the more experiences you'd gain!

Based on my personal point of view, human instinct is the best lie-detector as we communicate with people around the world especially in this multiplural society.

DeFIBulator Lie Detector vs. Human Lie Detector - the verdict is yours! :-P

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