Tien Hou Kong & Telawi Street Bistro

It's quiet strange when a group of friends decided to give a temple a visit especially during night time. It happened 2 weeks ago. It seemed ridiculous to me but I did want to give a try for the first time. Sometimes we need to do things according to our strange moods. It's a step of being a decision-maker and learn the accept the consequences on what we've decided.

Joss-stick no. 18 - A Good Turn Deserves Another

I got to know my luck after getting the joss-stick no. 18 and I redeemed this small piece of paper that will predict the future - from career to health. Seems that this indeed a very good charm I guess. Hope everything happens smoothly as possible. But I still doubt it. You just could't entire put 100% faith on it. Believe partially to all these horoscope and fortune telling - as an advice to all of you.

We didn't took much time to finish our entourage in Tien Hou Kong temple. It briefly took less than 45 mins to end up our visit to that place. Seldom people visit Tien Hou Kong during non-peak season or hours and we need to come out with another plan in order to kill the boredom. Before leaving the temple, we prayed as a symbol of respect to the temple.

The night was still young and we need to kill the boredom. Finally, we agreed to make our move to Bangsar. I was hard to get a parking space. We managed to drop-by at Telawi Street Bistro. Drunk two cups of beer - Don't know why people like it so much as it tastes so bitter.

A souvenir from Telawi Street Bistro

What's the big deal about it?

Well, practically no big deal bout it - just sometimes, I just wanna let everybody know about it.

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