Love Poem Generator - A Modern Approach

I'm not a talented writer and I have very little wits on writing love poems. Lovers get attracted when there's someone recites love poem romantically. This is how passion grows. Well, I'm not an love expert but I do know one site that writes love poem like Shakespears do ;-p
Try out this - the Love Poem Generator for those who couldn't write poems.

Look at what I did:

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Next, I pressed the "Create My Love Poem" button below. This is what I'd get:

My Love

Your skin glows like the banana, blossoms big as the daisy in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows your bongo voice and leaps like a iguana at the whisper of your name.
The evening floats in on a great owl wing.
I am comforted by your bikini that I carry into the twilight of New Yorkbeams and hold next to my buttocks.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of water.
As my navel falls from my panties, it reminds me of your car.
In the quiet, I listen for the last screaming of the day.
My heated feet leaps to my gown. I wait in the moonlight for your secret door so that we may is as one, feet to feet, in search of the magnificient red and mystical house of love.


Dan said...

That's really cool. So you just plug things in and it creates a poem for you. Not good for one person because the poems would look the same? but great for one time use from a lot of people... nice page addition.


Teen Cupid said...

That's a cute tool! Of course it won't make a romantic poem, but it would be a silly, cute thing to show your girlfriend or boyfriend!