The Love Calculator

This might leads you to enquire more about love and fate. Whether this site - The Love Calculator, which has no.1 ranking in Google's search results once you type the word "Love". In order to know whether your relationship with your partner goes on smoothly or vice versa, you'd just type in both of your names - your partner's and your full name, soon you'll be given the results in form of probablility and some short guidelines for those who wants to mend their "broken" relationship.

To test the efficiency of this site, I tried this:

David Beckham & Angelina Jolie. See the results below:

Quite true. But it doesn't mean this "relationship" is not possible ;p

Next couple is Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie:

As expected, the probablity of this relationship has a better prospectus. Good future ;P

Another couple, Ethan Hawke & Nicole Kidman:

What a suprising one!!! I wondered what if Keith Urban's expression once he sees this.

Lastly, Offline Geek (me) & Jessica Elba:

It's 86%!!!! Can't you believe this?! Yeah, it would only happen in my dreams. Not bad eh?!

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Love Calculator said...

Offline geeks don't exist :)