James Brown, RIP not James Blunt, RIP!!!

James Brown, RIP - the father of soul

James Blunt - he's still alive

I got to know James Brown demisal this evening and bloggers around the world has been bloggin' bout Mr.Brown's departure and also his life achievements, profile, flip-and-flops. Once I opened the internet browser, all the RSS feeds headlines appear on the monitor screen. James Brown had passed away..../James Brown died...

I was thinking something else. What if those readers - i mean those who'd overlooked it, read it as James Blunt passed away/James Blunt died??

Rumours would start to spread as rapid as possible. No kidding. People in Europe would be shocked to death when they see James Blunt walking alive and wavering his hands to the onlookers. Well, you might be freaking out once you'd hear the song "You're Beautiful" during Mr.Brown's funeral. Things may get complicated when their respective fans know about this.

Whatever James Brown or James Blunt - It's completely difficult to trace those pranks who made up story of demisal of Mr. Blunt. Probably the rumours would boost up sales of records of these two celebrities. Both have a win-win situation.

This is just my thoughts and it's fiction. I like James Brown - father of soul. James Brown RIP!