Leg-lengthening surgery: Is this neccessary?

In some countries particularly in China, a number of image-conscious citizens are keen to have leg-lengthening (cosmetic) surgery because of their dissatisfactory heights. If this has become a fad of the society, the short-heighted individuals would be grouped as social outcasts due to their maladaptive physical appearence. Discrimination would happen when employers were strictly forbidden individuals that has height less than 1.70 meters.

Leg-lengthening surgery is meant for individuals who have this particular physical disorders:

They have one leg shorter than the other due to trauma or birth deformity or
they are currently experiencing back pain due to leg length discrepancy.

For cosmetic surgery purpose, I personally feel that individuals who eligible to undergo this particular surgery are plain dwarfs (around 3-feet-tall) - due to their genetical inheritance disorders.

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