Chewing Gum - Ben's Art Work

There's always hope for making a place a better place to live especially when our streets, benches at the parks, & pavements are totally troubled by discared chewing gums. You just couldn't stop people from having chewing gums though some countries do have total ban on adorable chewing gums. In spite of that, one artist named Ben, creatively changed the perception of discarded chewing gums on the streets. He had used acrylic art on discarded chewing gums and turned Muswell Hill Broadway into a chewing gum art hallmark.

These are the selected chewing gum art works of Ben - The artwork title is named based on my personal impression - NOT by the original artist.

'The Eye'


The vintage 'Mao' potrait

Link - Flickr- A wonderful site about chewing gum art.


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And he's a great guy to boot. I've linked some more articles and mini films about Ben, if you would like to find out more.

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There's the link!

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