The Power Of Stupidity

Someone might be asking this - Is there any relevant study on stupidity? The answer is yes - there are studies regarding stupidity in scientific context. In fact there's one book written in Italian in the 90's "The Power of Stupidity" which it compasses several topics regarding stupidity although stupidity had been widely discussed by some authors around the world. Giancarlo Livraghi has been inspired by stupidity when he was a teenager.

Click here to read Giancarlo's "Power of Stupidity".

Here's Stephen Colbert's Investigation On Stupidity:


Featuring Nobel-Prize Winner, the DNA-model founder James Watson.

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Andreas said...

The question is: In which context is someone acting stupid? What context is stupid enough to allow even the smartest person act stupid? Aren't we all stupid in one sense or the other? Which one do you evaluate here? Can someone be stupid all the time? Is there a context where acting stupid or being stupid is of value?

Ha - so many stupid questions.