Offline Geek's hobby: Beatboxing

I enjoyed beatboxing when I was young without any proper 'education' from beatboxing experts. Few months ago, I realized a website that teaches enthuasist amateurs the real beatboxing - Free sign-up and you can learn beatboxing from beatboxing experts, provided with tutorials - including the basics of making the snare sound with your voice.

Personally, there is still a long way to go if I wanna become one of the beatbox experts. That means I'm still an amateur of beatboxing - and I'm not really ashamed of it. The inspiration of beatboxing - everyone can make up their own music from their own voices and that reflects the true music-playing deep within our souls.

Now, I'm proudly present you my own stuff of beatboxing - making cover version of Muse's Supermasive Black Hole. Beatboxing isn't just a hip-hop thing, it's universal!!!;)

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