'Bionic' Arms - A new hope of waving your hands again

Good news for amputees. A new hope for them.

Modern technologies have been evolving rapidly in the means of improving the efficiency of 'bionic' arms which allow amputees to move and control their newly adjusted arms by their thoughts alone. They can instantly move their prosthetic arms simply by thinking which way of their hands & elbows move - open, close, up or down; more approachable and flexible that enables them to do certain chores which were difficult to acheive with the use of older verson of prosthetic arms.

In this case, Claudia Mitchell - a single-arm-amputee who has received her new 'bionic' arms which has boost her self-esteem and confidence, adeptly demonstrating her 'bionic' arms to do certain task that a normal prosthectic arm couldn't possibly do.

Watch her demonstration in video - BBC News (via Howstuffworks)

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