WorstPills.org - an informative site of precribed drugs

Before you pop-up any pills, first thing you need to know whether the pills you're going to take is safe for human consumption. We need to alert of the side effects of the precribed drugs that might lead to serious drug addiction or worst case - fatality. Most important is this, education and information about myth and facts about the precribed drugs can protect your family from adverse reactions.

From WorstPills.org, you could get:

  • Reliable, no-nonsense information on more than 600 top selling drugs including 187 we recommend you not use under any circumstances
  • online database searchable by drug name, by family of drugs, by disease or condition, by drug induced disease or condition, and more
  • recommendations on safer alternatives to harmful drugs
  • up to the minute email alerts about newly discovered drug dangers
  • analysis of pricing, advertising and other drug related issues
  • monthly updates and articles
  • ten rules for safer drug use
  • and much, much more
Find out more in WorstPills.org.

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