Toilet Paper - Things that you haven't seen before

There are various kinds of toilet papers. Conventional types are the one that are just plain white in colour. What do the others look like?

The Albany mediated toilet paper (1880's)- one of the oldest toilet paper antiques in the world. Displayed in the Virtual Toilet Paper Museum.

Now let's look at the modern/current ones :

The camouflage pattern designs - suitable for militants and hunters.

Custom made toilet papers. Add-in your favourite images on the toilet rolls i.e your wife, partner, rivals & etc.

Source: Liquid Shirts

A present for golf lovers, consider this (taken from Golf'un):

A wonderful gift that a golf-lover won't resist even he/she doesn't have the mood of playing.

I've once had an idea of advertise ads on toilet papers but this company - '' had it first:

Advertise your ads here to grab people's attention who uses toilet everyday.

This is conventional lookin' toilet paper was first manufactured in Japan in 1977. It was named the 'coreless' toilet paper. Now you can get modern 'coreless' toilet paper - 'Coreless L Type'. It does make a difference with comparison with conventional type of toilet papers.

Coreless toilet bath paper

They had done the math for you:

See the difference? Sure you do!

There are toilet papers that have become prime targets of celebrities, fashion models, celebrities - including film producers and Hollywood actors. Those toilet papers are in red, black or orange in colour that are Renova's main products. It costs €2,50 per roll of the coloured toilet paper. (taken from IOL)

Renova's red, orange and orange toilet papers available for sale online

Let's us have a clearer view of these Renova's products:

Black toilet paper has the elegant look.

Red one has the feeling of the warmth of the sun - adding the 'heat' in the toilet.

This should be the 'sun' as I've mentioned earlier. But this one implies I should eat oranges for dessert later.