Think-tank:DOS,floppy disks, Google Earth & etc

After sending my TV to a electrical shop for repair, I managed to drop by to my aunt's place. Met my younger cousin who is indeed a smart girl. She's a movie-buff and pleasant personality. While chatting with her, I asked her whether she had applied for her IC(identity card) which she has to do it once she reaches 12 years old. She nodded her head and took temporary IC to me.

Well, once i took her temporary IC and looked, and I found out that it looked as same as the original IC except that it was thin and laminated. Strange i wondered. How, in this world, could a young girl like her able to make a laminated fake IC similar to the real ones. Anyway, it's better than the photocopy ones:) She can even use HTML language to create a website of her own.

I'm reminiscing what had I done when I was 12. I didn't have my own PC, but then, DOS was used as operating system unlike we've Windows XP now. I used to type "dir/w" to browse thru files and folders,"xcopy c:/offline~1/sample.txt a:" to copy a file from the root directory to the target source (which is the diskette).

Nowadays, we seldom (or none at all) have a floppy drive in our PC as CD-R & DVD-R are preferred as data storage. I had the opportunity to use 1.2MB floppy disk which is a terrifically big size floppy disk. For those who were born after the millenium, imagine that you use a floppy has the area of your CD box, that only stores minimal data! Thank goodness that someone has brought CD-R and DVD-R to life! For me, these are the best invention of the universe!!!

During late 50s, internet was only used in military intelligence. Now, we are overusing internet for multi-purpose tasks i.e chatting, blogging, selling & buying, conferencing & etc. The invention of Google Earth is able to locate China's military base and other examples of millitary terrain model .

I predict that, Google Earth will be creatively used as a advertising tool to promote business related building - shops, restaurants, companies. Without any hassle, you can use the software itself to search for your favourite hangouts - whether it's near or far from your residential area, and locates them accurately based on its specific coordination. You won't get lost while you're on the way to meet your friends in a social gathering.

The world is changing as rapid as the multiplication of bacteria. Like bacteria, it's possible that information can be spread as fast as the click of your mouse. We succumb to these changes. We welcome changes. We do change. Cause we're humans.

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