Ideas: Other ways to advertise your blog

It has proven that clickable post banner ads in blog as an effective marketing tool to promote your site. By using this method, adding your site in his banner will increase 33.33% traffic to your site. In addition, it could also benefits the poor by giving them incentives in their advetising fees. Bloggin' could lowers the poverty rate in one country. This matches well in Make-Poverty-History organisations.

Sponsor your kid's sports team with jerseys with your ads on it. Proven 67.9% effective in increasing your blog site listing in any search engines.

For those mime artiste bloggers, mime your blog site in your daily performances.

I advise pro-bloggers to have more investment in advertising their ads via air display. Hire a few groups of pilots to 'blow up' your blog name in the air. Proven 89.9% effective in listing your blog in top 3 most sarcastic blogger-who-ever-done-so-silly mistakes-in-blogging.

Consider running your own ads in toothpastes. It would become more "stickier" when it touches people's hearts when they brush their own teeth.

Post your blog post or name on a junkie van. Low operation cost and you'll get 67.5% profits return. Let all people know your blog name in your neighbourhood that would increase revenue on your site.

It's possible to create approachable ways to advertise your blog. It's all in your head.


KY said...

where do i sign up?

The UltraBeast said...


Good ideas... Wonder if we could start such a venture...

Nice work with the pix editing too, (I always wanted to learn to do those... but haven't got the chance to learn the skill yet :( )

J.J. said...

To Ky,
Wanna sign up? Login to Be the first one to register!:)

To Ultrabeast, basic editing tool such as GIMP is available via internet fr free, Check that out!

galvintan said...

Try photoshop. Do it like how Adnan Hajj did it.