Gorgeous Geek Girls Pics - GeekGorgeous.com

These calender girls are not brainless models. They are indeed geeks that are women in the fields of computers and engineering!!! They are pure geeks - they can fix your computer, talk bout computers, able to handle difficult task on programming, that guys couldn't get enough of them.

The producer of GeekGorgeous.com - Lilac, strongly view those gorgeous geeks as a form of empowerment and expose their sexy sides - as something fun that they could look back on in time and be proud of.

From her statement: "it's simply to show they are proud of who they are both inside and outside, they are taking the power away from men to view women as one-dimensional sex objects".

The calender girl concept is mean to be good and it was not objectifying the women. Bravo!

To know more about them, click here. You can even view their resume ;)

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