Dust: Info & Create Dust-free Bedroom Tips

Today's a room-cleaning day cause the dust is everywhere from fissures and cracks, and almost every corners of the room. It's totally outrageous to clean up the entire room with all the dust around the corners. A difficult task ahead today.

Curiosity kills the cat. What's dust? - Source: Funsci.com

Sample of dust

Another sample of dust. Looks like a mini-octopus ;)

It contains fibers, vegetable filaments, textile fibers, biological fragments, fungal spores & etc. There are some unidentified elements from dust that would cause allergies to some individuals. Some people couldn't stand it while wiping away the dust without their mask on.

Any tips for creating 'Dust-free' Bedroom? I got one from NIAID:


  • Completely empty the room, just as if you were moving.
  • Empty and clean all closets and, if possible, store contents elsewhere and seal closets.
  • Keep clothing in zippered plastic bags and shoes in boxes off the floor, if you cannot store them elsewhere.Remove carpeting, if possible.
  • Clean and scrub the woodwork and floors thoroughly to remove all traces of dust.
  • Wipe wood, tile, or linoleum floors with water, wax, or oil.
  • Cement any linoleum to the floor.
  • Close the doors and windows until the dust-sensitive person is ready to use the room.
Rest of methods suggested from NIAID

Why you need to clean your room?

One of the main reasons is this - DUST MITES - Source: Lyprinol

The 'Grandpa Bed-bug'

The 'Grandson Bed-Bug'

Everyone is Dust-mites-phobic.

Start cleaning your room now ;)

So you can sleep soundly without worrying about bed-bugs bitting you.


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haha, scary ...

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yeah, no kidding.