Create your website via Googlepages & How to add Adsense codes in it!!!

Googlepages provides free create-your-own-website for Google users. One extra cool thing is this - you can still put adsense ads in your personal website. It's simple to make your web pages and it's suitable for users that don't have any basics in HTML language. You can upload your files to your website up to 100MB (I've found it too little space for uploading files - Don't complain man! It's free anyway).

While in the process of creating my website via Googlepages, I found a editing web pages process a bit tiring because of the slow uploads. Maybe it was due to that night's bandwidth or Googlepages's server. As I said earlier, it's user-friendly and may create web pages without any difficulties.

Here's the website I've created via Googlepages - BiologyExpressPresentations

It's simple & easy!

In addition, here's the details of putting Adsense codes in your Googlepages web pages.

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Anonymous said...

Will you one day move this entire blog over to googlepages? It seems to be safer there. There have been so many problems with blogger lately, starting with the fact that if google just doesn't like your blog (ie. thinks its too commercial) it will destory it without giving you any notice. Plus an idiot can flag your blog because he thinks its too commercial.