Candy Shop - The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

England's favourite candy shop

When we were a kiddo, we were advised by our parents or guardians that eating to much would lead to sweet tooth. I wasn't aware of the actual meaning of sweet tooth but I had much disicpline on comsuming sweets cause I couldn't eat to much sweets - I just couldn't stand it.

Racks of candies in the candy shop - even the staff smiles at it

Ok, get to the point now. There is a prestigous candy shop claimed that it is the oldest sweet shop in North Yorkshire, England which was established in 1827 Pretty cool place to visit as it seems to have your sweet indulgences in providing all kind of sweets - from chocolates to classic
toffee sweets. You name it!

Click on the picture above to view The Oldest Sweet Shop in England on Life TV.

Though this shop has old virtue of selling sweets to the public, it also provides internet/mail order business that fits modern online consumers.

The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

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