Anger management - office crap of the day

I've been very moody and I would lose my temper easily in the morning. Probably it is due to morning blues as I was hardly get motivated in this giddy condition. It's such a bad temperament when you break lose your hell temper when someone asks to do something in the morning at the office. I assume it is a part of the Malaysian culture at work.

Seriously speaking, who's gonna smile at you when you just have 5-6 hours of sleep (Note that urban people here hardly sleep early at night. For those bloggers, they usually blog during late night). Who's gonna prepare your breakfast when you wake up? Ans: YOU and Yourself! (Note: only applies in single and desperate guys and girls).

Hell breaks lose when you got no time for breakfast. Then you rush to work in this helter and skelter morning. Some offices do have dispentry while some others do not. Some workers have their own 3-in-1 beverages drinks in their drawers. What makes the difference when someone drinks one of these in the morning. You still get anger lingers in the office - your superior are very demanding in your performance and creates heaps of works just for you. Obviously, you are ovelwhelmed by superior's demand and you have to be obedient as a loyal dog!

As anger is contagious and it spreads from one to another - from your boss, then to your collegue, Susan, then it goes to Rebecca, then to you, and then to your tea-lady Ah Sam. It has some sort of life cycle. No antibiotics could eradicate this kind of contagious outbreak. Even those Bomoh and talisman could not stop anger from becoming an epidemic. I suggest that every company has their own anger management training sessions - perhaps at least once a week. What's anger management?

In this particular session, all the staffs including those "upper-level" staffs (your boss, CEO, COO & etc) have to undergo a series of therapy that requires some psychological therapeutic techniques and exercises. The typical anger management "techniques" are the use of deep breathing and meditation as a mean to relaxation. The 'rule-of-thumb' is that no one is allowed to get angry in any circumstances. What can the workers do is try to agitate their bosses - you can even dig your nose in front of your superior, to see how they react. You can play out your favourite music as a part of relaxation as it required in this session. In fact, anger management usually benefits those workers than their bosses. That's the fantastic part of it!

As an impact of the anger management, workers will be able to play out their favourite tunes in the radio as loud as it can be. Bosses, superiors anger can be suppressed as if they are the tamed lions in the circus (I would respect them by referring them as lions instead of calling them as a bunch of monkeys). See how long this situation last - maybe a month, 3 months , and for your information, it won't last more than a year.

Keep your anger aside, will you?

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earl-ku said...

last nite had the worst case of insomnia, slept around 2AM, and just couldnt bring my mind to rest, finally slept around 5AM ... and damn its already 7AM ...