Why some people like to read spam mails ; )

Got this spam mail from my yahoo's bulk mailbox. Felt funny once i read this:

From: Teoni@abcde.com
To: xxxx@yahoo.com

Subject: Hello My new friend!

Hello ,I get acquainted through the Internet for the first time.
Therefore I have
decided to write to you. My name is Teona.
I am from city of Kazan, which located in Russia. I have finished local
University. Now I work in branch of a biggest Moscow's Firm. I am
kind and very sociable girl. I am very
Economic also are capable to be prepared well. I do not know why the
Russian men
Do not notice it. I also could not find love in Russia. I never was
Married and I have no any children. I am lonely. Now I want to find
Love through the Internet. I am just as all girls, want to have
The house, family and children. I am very estimate qualities
People and their attitudes. If you want to find out about me more and
Continue our dialogue, Please send email_to:
I will wait your letter.
Sound real, right?! Maybe she wants to be my friend. But this doesn't seem right to me and instead I've decided to delete this mail. What a creative content she'd written that made me had ridiculous thoughts on this brunnete girl. Ohh..La..La..:p If the Russian guys didn't notice her charm, so why me?! ;)

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