Smart kid

I was having my late lunch at a chinese coffeeshop in Sri Petaling, K.L. and ordered a plate of Hakka Mee & a cup of 'White' coffee. It has become a delicacy for those idle hours. While i was havin' my meal, 3 workin women were chit-chattin' bout their wrk, predicaments, kids etc. When i heard one of them was mentioning bout one kid, probably a child of hers, was indeed a very smart kid. It caught my attention within seconds. These were the words that came out from her mouth:

"Got one kid was being caught for playin' truant. He didn't attend classes at school, instead, he went to somewhere else. His teacher made him write rows of repeated lines that he ought to feel regret about his wrong doings".

He wrote this: "I will not play truant and i will not go to C.C. again".

When the colleagues asked what's does the C.C. mean?

She answered, "Cyber cafe" :P

This reminds me another story,

"A primary school student, who is good at math, arrived late for school. As a punishment, he had to write 100 lines of "I will not come late to school again."

In the end he wrote it all within 10 secs. How did he do that?

"(I'll not cum L8 2 skool again)x100".

Modern phone messagin' rocks!!!

Wished that i were smart as they'd be.

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