Pre- & Post- OfflineGeek life

This is my "life" - my "very own source of living" which comprises my PC, my recording gadgets, speakers, guitars. Life as an Off-Geek is indeed interesing which I have to encounter the "Ups" & "Downs" of my life. I had been a dropout of one local institution, which cost me a long way to redefine my route to success. Well, i'm not a successful person in this time being as i'm still on the way of searching for clues & answers that were left unsolved.

Both bloggin' & recording music keep me 'alive' in the sense of fulfilling my satisfaction and communicating with other Geeks/people around the world. I'll not lose my mojo as an Off-Geek. Please unleash your talents within you Geeks, and i believe Geeks won't starve to death!:) Posted by Picasa

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