Laman 2006 Malaysia (Landscaping Exhibition)

Landscape exhibition was held on 16th July at Lake Garden, K.L. Pics were taken by my dad - a landscapin' fan since after his retirement. He bought a small pot of nepenthes in addition to his display collection of plants in his garden. Nepenthes & Venus fly trap are quite similar - they eat bugs!!! Hope it won't grow big as in the movie - "Big Trouble in Little China" which the lively horrifyin giant Venus Trap plant eats humans alive:-z!!!

This is a Nippon style of gardening - comprises bamboo decor with 'Zen' concept on the fountain which symbolises tranquility and peace.

A giant "Rocky-furball"!!! Speechless in this. No comment.

Well, i prefer to stay at home on Sunday with a nice cup of coffee plus my favourite bloggin' session. Who will ever resist this kind of temptation:D. Chiao!!! Posted by Picasa


kk said...

holy shit.. where you get the giant furball from??

J.J. said...

hw do i knw??!! maybe it's from Nippon cat. who knws it??!!