Emergency telephone no. 999 - Automatic answering system

If the emergency telephone no. 999 had an automatic answering system in Malaysia that would able to handle any emergency calls 247 basis. A person had witnessed an accident while he was driving his way back home. As he was in the scene, he dialled '999' at the nearby phone booth. He heard this on the phone soon after the dialled up:

"Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Malay, Press 3 for Tamil"

Then he pressed 1.

"Press 1 for major accidents, press 2 for crime scene, press 3 for suicide attempts"

Instantly, he pressed 1.

"Press 1 for vehicle accidents, press 2 for natural disasters, press 3 ...."

It sounded kind of weird and spontaneously he pressed 1.

"Press 1 for 'knock-to-knock vehicles accidents', press 2 for 'knock-to-knock vehicles & then-a-vehicle-flys-from-scene accidents', press 3 for 'super-paranormal vehicles accidents', press 4 ...."

In split-seconds, he just pressed 3. He thought he could make it through the call.

But, the automation system still sounded like this:

"Press 1 for A-car-hit-and_stucked -on-the-14-feet-high-billboard' accidents, Press 2 for 'A taxi,bus or car-bumped-into-Mr. and Mrs. Smith's-House' accidents; Press 3 for 'Vehicles-stucked-in-a-loop-holes' accidents".

Thought he was gonna hang up the phone.

But he pressed 3. Weird. Talking bout loopholes, it's quite common in here.

If this happened to be true, don't blame the automatic answering system. It is those ignorant drivers should be blamed.

Practice 'safe-driving' and 'defensive-driving'. Peace.

Pics are courtesy of HaloDev. Anyway, what your favourite lines regarding car accidents (i.e. 'Crash Boom Bang', 'When two of us collides' & etc)? Don't hesitate to drop-by and share me your own lines.
Another thing, there's an interesting site on journals of the politics of driving - TheNewspaper.com.

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